Live Healthy. Live Happy.

Liza Hughes Lifestyle Coach

Self nurturing is not selfish. It is absolutely necessary to live your best life. When you feel good on the inside, everything in your life will improve....

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Empowering women through health and fitness.

Why I am your Coach

I’ve been ‘there’ and can relate to just about every thing you are feeling. I battled to regain control of my life and feel better about myself, and after having children, I’m now in the best shape of my life both physically and emotionally. My personal experience fueled my passion and defined my purpose to Coach you to become the best version of you. Be-YOU-tiful!

Brook Miller

Tavares, FL

43 Years Young - Mother of Two - In 6 months went from a size 12 to a size 6.

"I will be forever grateful for you getting me back on track with a healthy lifestyle. I feel happy, healthy and fit! I'm getting leaner every week and have more energy then ever. I never want to go backward again! I really cant thank you enough for the knowledge and guidance I have received from you through this process. You really are fabulous and it really comes through how much you believe in what you do."

Rosie Gomez

Boyton Beach, FL

30 Years Young - Accounting Analyst

"Liza, I never thought I would feel like I am feeling, so great, fit, and energetic. This experience has changed my life and the way I view myself. I love the way I'm feeling and looking. Before working with you, I was eating out everyday and always felt tired and not good about myself. I never thought I could keep up with working out and be on a structured nutrition plan with my hectic work schedule and you have made it so easy for me to stick to! I am so happy I made the decision to hire you as my wellness coach."

Ellenmary Kelly

New Jersey

47 Years Young - Single Mom

“The experiences I have gone through in my past have left me empty and lost for answers as to where my life is going, but since I began working with you I have found that I have what it takes to offer others like myself, hope. I have learned that the journey to self discovery is not a chore you put on your ‘To Do List’. It is your every day, your every moment…live it, breathe it, learn from it, and listen to your inner self and you will find your way. Thank you for what you do and for who you are. Even though we have not met in person, I feel very blessed to have you in my life and your inspiration has made a difference in my life! I believe there are no accidents and that God sent me to you for a reason!”

Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Live Healthy. Live Happy.

Coaching women to navigate through the obstacles of everyday life in order to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle, is my goal and purpose.

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