Liza Hughes. Lifestyle Coach

iza Hughes is a Native Floridian currently residing in South Florida with Jim, her husband of 19 years and their children, 15 year old Dillon and 12 year old Sophia. Liza is a Florida licensed Registered Nurse and worked in a clinical setting for 8 years until she discovered fitness and made it her career. She now devotes her time and utilizes her skills to teaching and coaching on preventative health and promoting wellness.

It was Liza’s personal journey of getting fit after having two children that led her to switch careers and become an internationally recognized Certified Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach to women across the country. She understands first-hand the struggles and challenges that women, especially moms, face in the quest of a healthier way of life. Her drive and discipline propelled her over “life’s” obstacles and she has accomplished more than she ever thought possible.

Liza earned her status as a Professional Fitness Athlete, has become a well known published fitness model and now, a highly sought after Wellness Coach, all the while managing her most important priority, home and family. By sharing her vast knowledge and experience of health and fitness with the understanding and compassionate yet motivating manner that she approaches her clients, Liza finds the real purpose of living the fitness lifestyle. It is her passion and purpose.

Change is what creates butterflies.

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