I spend almost every waking moment talking with women…about EVERYTHING. The hottest topic is always about 'weight loss', no surprise there, and that is an entirely different post but the second hottest topic is about what it means to be a 'good mom.' Many of the moms I speak to and coach put themselves on the back burner…always at the end of the line as far as caring for themselves. I'm certain that comes as no surprise either. It may be a common mindset yet its not the healthiest…for mom or her family.

Here is the deal, there has to be a balance between being a caregiver and taking care of ourselves. Just because a mom runs all over town transporting her kids to their sports practices, volunteers at the school, makes cookies and spends every waking moment doing for only her kids does NOT make her a 'good mom.' There is another side to the responsibility of being a mom. It's called, being a role model for our children and leading by example. We cannot rely on others to be the role models for our kids. It is our responsibility. They need to witness US investing time on our health, our spirituality, our hobbies, and yes, chasing our dreams. Children do not listen to what we say, they watch what we do. Are you worth watching? Yes, we can encourage our children to go after their dreams but if they don't see us doing it, then what really are we teaching them? The other side of this is if we are running ourselves in to the ground and not having any 'me time', resentment and unhappiness will creep in. What happens when mom is unhappy…everyone is unhappy.

While there is nothing that makes me happier than being a mom, the responsibilities of motherhood have to be balanced with other things to have a healthy and happy life. I, like many moms, struggled to make myself a priority. I battled with feeling selfish and guilty when wanting to pursue my goals and dreams, as if I lost that right once I became a mother. I then came to realize that I am the example to my children and unless I want my children to give up on their dreams, I can’t give up on mine. Whatever your goals and aspirations are, I encourage you to step out of the shadows and go for it. By realizing your dreams and goals, not only will you be happier; you will be teaching others, including your loved ones, to live life to the fullest. Don't put a lid on your aspirations because you are a mom. Don't dim your light. We never stop growing. We never stop blossoming and its our responsibility to guide our children by our example. You can be a good mom and a good leader…it doesn't have to be one or the other. ~Liza xox

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