Brook and I go way back. Our paths first crossed in the halls of middle school where we were childhood friends and remained so through our high school years. Life happened and we lost touch after our graduation in 1988. Fast forward almost 25 years later and we have reconnected through cyberspace thanks to Facebook! What is completely awesome is that we reconnected through health and fitness.

Brook was at a point in her life in which she was ready to make lifestyle changes that would improve her health, both physically and emotionally. She reached out to me and the last two years have been life changing for her and life enriching for me as we shared her journey to a healthier place. She is full of passion and commitment but even those with the most iron clad discipline can lose motivation every now and again. So on this day, I made a house call. I drove 5 hours round trip to have a great booty kickin' workout with Brook to help her find her mojo again. Mission was accomplished! Sometimes all you need is a little help from your friends to get you back on track. 

Here is a glimpse of our workout along with some laughs along the way. Our fitness wear is by Beleza Brazil Fitness Wear.

~Liza xox


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