Laying on my bed thinking about this...

Some women reached out prior to my Lipstick and Lunges event asking if I would be ‘recording’ it or offering a live feed...the answer was no. Lipstick and Lunges, like my Devotion Series events, are events that must be experienced in person to receive the life enriching benefit. It is not something that can be packaged, or shown on a computer screen or any device. It’s special. It’s something I fail miserably at when trying to put into words or explain. You just have to be there. 

There are so many wonderful photos flooding social media of our time together and my heart is bursting with love, inspiration, gratitude and joy with every glimpse of one. I've included a photo video gallery below for you to view. 

Thank you heart sisters for attending, for opening your mind, sharing your heart and lifting each other up during my Lipstick and Lunges event. I’m confident this is only the beginning of our bond.

What we leave behind is what has been woven in the lives of others. Life is about human connectedness. People come and go throughout our life experience and sometimes they do things with us, for us or to us. When I think about that…I seem to remember what people have done for me or to me the most. I've never been the 'out of sight, out of mind' type of girl…its more about what has been woven into my heart. Whether it was a good or bad experience, it left a mark. So even in their absence, their presence and actions, live in my heart like a piece of patchwork on a quilt.

Because of the affect of others on MY life, I'm keenly aware of how I might impact the life of others including my family, my friends, my clients and perfect strangers. During my life experience I've been placed on a pedestal by some and ridiculed and judged by others. I'm not anywhere close to being perfect and really that doesn't even exist. I've made plenty of mistakes in my life so there are no martyrs here. I have chosen to grow and learn from those experiences. No matter how much we try, we cannot control how others will perceive us but how we make others feel, can make a lasting impression.

There are things that I do for myself that may have an influence on others, like being a fit mom, my history of competing in fitness or being a published fitness model. Those are certainly accomplishments that I am proud of and that I did and still do, for personal reasons. Sure they may inspire or motivate some, but with enough time, muscles will atrophy, the trophies collect dust and the magazines get stored in a box and all that is forgotten. Then there are things that I do for others that WILL, on purpose, make a lasting impact. THAT is the motivation for what I do with my coaching and all of my relationships really. My motivation is born from what I weave.

Maybe its the backlash I've received from women over the years, the whispers behind my back, and the judgement some have passed that has motivated me to cultivate a circle of support of women by women; all in hopes of women lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. At the end of the day, or when I'm no longer around for whatever reason, what I've woven in the lives of others...will be. We all possess this life enriching power, if we choose to use it. ~Liza xox




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