I am probably one of the least spontaneous people you will ever meet...one of those people who have a plan for everything and think things through, and then over analyzes every possible scenario...you know, a control freak ;) ...but on this day, I said to myself, “what the heck I’m just gonna go with the flow.” In the last decade I’ve traveled to Vegas countless times for photoshoots and other fitness related work so I constantly receive travel alerts with flight deals but never have I received one like this. $118 round trip! What?! Yep. How could I not take advantage?

I quickly sent a text to Terry Goodlad to see if he had room on his schedule for me to come out and before I could think too much, I booked a trip in less than a day. Again, this is monumental for me as I always plan my trips MONTHS in advanced, this would be only two weeks away. That evening I shared the news with my daughter Sophia and immediately she asked me to take her along. I never considered her going since it was a ‘work trip’ but she was quick to compile all the reasons why it was the best idea for her to join me. My head was spinning...I knew she would miss three days of school but she did lay down a solid case and I said yes! Then I got even more excited that my baby girl would not only be my travel buddy but would also get to experience the behind the scenes of my photoshoot. She is a straight A student and honestly the chance for us to strengthen our bond even more, weighed heavier to me than a few absences at school. And so we were off to Vegas!

It’s funny because over the years when I’ve mentioned I would be traveling to Vegas, most people visualize it only as party time and in reality that is the least of what I do when I’m out there. Sure I’ve visited the strip and enjoyed a handful of shows but what I love more is seeing the desert, the mountains, visiting with my wonderful friends and having the opportunity to create something I’m always proud of...art and inspiration for other women. This time Sophia and Terry decided she would have her first modeling session! Something I was very excited about. Most people do not realize what modeling is or how challenging it can be. It’s less about being pretty and having a beautiful figure and more about being expressive and telling a story. I thought this would be a life enriching experience for Sophia and would also help her connect with her beauty from the inside out. Most 15 year-olds spend more time criticizing their ‘self’ rather than appreciating their ever changing physical and emotional beauty. This would be an eye-opener for her and how wonderful that we could share it!

We were so blessed to stay with Terry and Ana and always feel like family when we visit. Time spent with them is relaxing in that we just go with the flow and don’t stick to a strict schedule. Whether we are shooting photos, videos, or recording radio shows, we have to connect and be inspired so we allow the moments to unfold instead of forcing them. It always seems to work out best and we always seem to create our best work that way. Aside from ‘working’ we enjoyed beautiful down time. Ana  drove us up to Mt. Charleston to play in the snow, we gathered at the dining room table for meaningful conversations sharing laughter and tears, played dominoes, played with their fur babies, Bella and Ellie, and created memories that will be cherished forever.  

These type of spontaneous trips help me to remember that I do not have to be in control of every moment. For me the control behavior was born from a childhood with very little stability and days filled with anxiety. Over the past ten years I’ve learned that I am not that little girl anymore and I can choose to take life as it comes without trying to control it. I’m not perfect at it yet but I’m 100% better. When we stop trying to control everything, we give life the chance to take our breath away. ~Liza xox

Here are some photos and a video from our Vegas trip...at least a glimpse of our wonderful time...as for our final photoshoot photos and videos...you will see those in 2016, so I guess its a 'to be continued'... ;)


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