We sometimes wish or pray...or both, for an easier ‘time’. Some days can be insanely overwhelming and situations might feel impossible. Over the past decade I’ve had much personal growth...emotional growth and honestly I just got to the point that I was so uncomfortable every day that something had to give. I had to make changes in my life. It took time, it took heartwork and it took lots of ‘letting go’. There will be times in our life where there are circumstances and consequences that feel so dreadfully difficult and exhausting and during these times is exactly when we must trust there is a lesson. Not everything will have a fairytale ending. Not everything will always be in our control either. That is a lesson in itself. As we push and fight our way through the darkness, we will gain renewed strength and clarity. All we can do is our personal best and once we've exhausted our efforts, it's time to accept and let go of whatever we are ALLOWING to hold us down. Yes, that IS in our control. 

I can say that within my past there is not one emotion I have not felt. Happiness, joy, sadness, heartache, dread, anger, frustration, fear, shame, guilt and even loneliness...it has all run through my veins and deep into my heart and guess what...today I’m thanking God for all of it, because it’s a reminder that I have lived. This is what life is, a beautiful disaster of experiences, growth and evolvement. Just like a butterfly. 

I’m embracing every emotion...whether good or bad, every decision...whether right or wrong, and every path...whether prosperous or a dead end; because all of these experiences have shaped me into the woman I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing. “This exact life” couldn’t be anymore imperfectly perfect and I love it. 

Renew Your WoWs! Trust in you, promise yourself, be devoted to your dreams and plans, commit. ~Liza xox

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