One of the most important aspects of living the healthy lifestyle, for the long haul, is to train smart. With all the ‘fitspo’ flooding the internet it’s easy to feel like a failure when we miss a workout or two. One scroll down your newsfeed has enough motivation to make you feel like you can become a fitness model over night. I mean if ‘they’ are all doing it, why can’t you? Why do you do good for a period of time but then regress? The simple answer is, it doesn’t happen over night, it happens over time and most importantly, it happens with a smart plan. You don’t need anymore motivation, what you need is to train smarter. What does ‘train smart’ mean anyway? Training smart doesn’t mean you must train harder, or train means your plan has to strike a healthy balance with nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional wellness; so that you can build a fit healthy body...for the long haul. 

I coach many professionals in different fields and each have their unique challenges including their high season...that time of the year when they are the busiest. For instance, my clients who are accountants can expect to work 12 to 16 hour days during tax season. My clients who are in retail, barely see the light of day from Thanksgiving through February. I have a client who works on a farm who is under pressure from January through March and restaurateurs who practically live in the kitchen for months at a time. Working long hours, not getting enough sleep and expecting to train at full capacity, is not smart and is a recipe for disaster. It can quickly derail even the most iron clad fitness enthusiasts. During this period of high season their health and fitness plan to has to be realistic. Changes need to be made to help them stay healthy, energetic and sharp while working through their high season. It could mean shorter but higher intensity workouts. It could be less training days with more focus on nutrition. It is also smarter to get adequate sleep and hydration instead of doing a half a$$ workout because of fatigue and dehydration. Your body will look and feel better with a smarter plan. There has to be a mind shift. Understanding this is crucial to building and maintaining a healthy and fit, mind and body, year round. 

This mindset holds true for acute crisis as well. You may be going through a stressful situation that is relationship based or a family illness that has become the focus of your attention. Again, don’t change your goals, change your plan. One of the main reasons women give up on their goals or regress, is because they can’t keep up with their plan when they are under stress. Avoid trying to keep up with anyone, including the ‘fitspo’ and come up with your own strategy to navigate through this phase. Once your high season or crisis is over, then you can kick it back up a notch. Just because you are busier or stressed doesn’t mean you throw in the towel on your healthy lifestyle, instead you need to change up your plan and march to your own beat. ~Liza xox


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