The heat is on...the mercury is rising and so is the desire to be in a bikini and feel like a hot mama. Mother’s everywhere know what it’s like to be too busy to blink. They are searching for balance between family and work. Some are still in college while others are trying to excel in their career or manage their own business. Most likely, all would love to feel fit, fabulous and I dare say, like a hot mama. What better time than summertime to make that happen? If you are a mom with kids that still live at home, your schedule is about to shift somewhat because soon, the kids will be on summer break. At first it may seem impossible to devote time to your health, fitness and wellness with the kids being at home more, but that is exactly why it is the best time. Taking advantage of the less stringent schedule will give you more time to lay down a solid foundation of healthy habits for you and your family, before the school year ramps up again.

Motherhood blesses us with daily challenges and being a fit mom on top of those may seem impossible, but...not only is it very possible, it also benefits both the mom and her family. I know this because I live it. Initially, the biggest hurdle for me was to allow myself to take me time without feeling guilty. Sneaking out for coffee with a girlfriend or even to the gym for a quick workout can conjure up enough guilty feelings to talk yourself right out of it. Why is that? Ladies, it is what us moms do to ourselves. It’s like there is an unwritten rule that once we have children our life ends and happiness is only found in raising our kids...that life is supposed to be only about them. While there is nothing that makes me happier than being a mom, the responsibilities of motherhood have to be balanced with other things to make it a healthy and happy life. Being a role model for our children and leading by example is also a responsibility of being a good mom. They need to witness us investing time on our health and fitness, our spirituality, and yes, chasing our dreams. Children do not listen to what we say, they watch what we do. Yes, we can encourage our children to go outside and play, to eat healthy and to go after their dreams but if they don’t see us doing it, then what are really teaching them? The other side of this is if we are running ourselves into the ground, not taking care of our self and not having any me time, resentment and unhappiness will creep in. What happens when mom is unhappy...everyone is unhappy. Self nurturing is not selfish, it’s necessary. 

Beside the mental battle that moms face when wanting to become a fit, fabulous, and hot mama, is finding the time to make it happen. Time management sounds simple but for most, it is not so simple to achieve. Once you learn the concept though, it can be easier to master. Successful time management does not mean that every minute must be means, use time wisely. Once school is out you can use the time that was spent on homework and after school activities, on fitting in workouts and prepping healthier meals. Many times fast food restaurants are the dinner option during the school year because there isn’t enough time before school, between school and after school activities or sports practice. Rushing from one pit stop to another makes figuring out what to cook completely out of reach. With a break in this schedule, jump on this opportunity to learn and cook new healthy recipes at home and have your kids help with the preparation and the cooking. It will be quality family time and you will create healthy habits that will roll over into the next school year. Mornings are a bit lighter too. There is no need for your kids to rush out of bed to get ready so let them sleep in so you can have a peaceful early morning workout before they need your attention. Eat an apple or an orange or half a grapefruit for a boost of energy then throw on your workout clothes and get your sweat on. You will kick off your day feeling invigorated and confident like the hot mama that you are. Later in the day or in the early evening you can get out and play with your kids. Play games like tag, basketball, tennis, or swim in the pool. Not only are you getting a second workout in, you are also having fun with your kids and teaching them to be healthy. Yes time does fly...but just realize, you are the pilot. Schedule your priorities. 

Being a mom teaches you patience, endurance, and fortitude which will help you on your journey of becoming fit and healthy. Being fit makes you feel strong and confident which helps you become a better mom and a better woman overall. You can be a good mom, a good leader...and a hot mama; it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Make your healthy habits the focus and your body will show its gratitude. ~Liza xox


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