There are some women who can walk out of the hospital wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans after delivering their baby…that certainly was not me and most likely, not a high percentage of women either. I don’t even understand how that’s possible, yet it happens. My body was so whacked after my second child, Sophia, I swear I was more swollen and just as huge leaving the hospital with her on the outside of my body as I was when she was still inside of me! LOL. Seriously. I had people still asking me when I was due…months after I had already delivered her. SMH.

Yes, yes, yes…our body has just created life, the most incredible miracle ever and I would never take a bit of that awesome-ness away. I dare say its the biggest blessing imaginable to create life and become a mom. There is no denying the process is quite stressful, good and bad stress, from start to finish and life changing…even if every thing has gone smooth. I remember after my first child, Dillon, I had no clue what I was doing so my every moment was spent doing whatever I could so he wouldn’t cry. I failed miserably at that…because guess what, babies cry for every reason. My point is, I didn’t really have time to even think about what my body was doing let alone what I looked like. That wasn’t the case after my baby girl. Because this was my second go, I was more prepared and not as neurotic. My challenge was less about mothering and more about how I was feeling about myself. I was trying not to worry about what I looked like, yet I couldn’t help but notice that my body was NOT recovering like I did after my first pregnancy. It was less about being vain and more about being real and wanting to feel healthy and sexy again. Prior to having my children I was no where near the fitness level I am now, that all started after my kids so I wasn’t expecting to be in tip top shape, but was surprised at just how out of shape I looked and felt. That was 15 years ago. Since then its obvious I had my own health and fitness journey and my personal experience is what led me to become a lifestyle coach to women.

In this past couple of years alone, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of coaching seven women pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post. All of which are doing incredibly well physically and mentally. When you are a new mom, it’s very easy to fall into an abyss of despair and self pity especially when you are sleep deprived and feel like time has become your worse enemy. The reality is, if you want to be a healthy, fit and confident mama you can be. It’s not magic or rocket science, it does take mastering these four golden rules:

 ~Don’t compare your self to where you once were or to any other ‘mom’.

~Stay consistent with your healthy lifestyle choices, forever.

~Be loving, kind and patient with your self through the process.

~Move forward at your own manageable pace.

One of the absolute beautiful truths of life is we are all unique. Embrace that and instead of trying to copy someone else’s life, live your own. Whether you are a new mom or not, every day will present with new challenges and its a wonderful opportunity for self discovery and personal growth. Some days will go better than others and again, its a chance to see what works and what doesn’t. As you navigate through these daily obstacles, you will become the best version of you and nothing is more satisfying than that. Make the journey your own. ~Liza xox

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