There will never be a shortage of people trying to steal your sunshine and it usually happens when you are feeling good about your self, your path and your efforts. It’s unfortunate. It’s real life though. Maybe it goes something like are locked in and finally committed whole-heartedly to your health and fitness goals. You have never been so on point. You are following your plan to the letter and feeling on top of your game. Then...someone comes along and starts to nitpick, criticize or make fun of what you are doing. They may even make it sound like you are doing something ridiculous or just plain wrong.

This person could be a co-worker, a friend, or even your spouse. It never feels good, especially if it is someone you love and respect. It can be really easy to become defensive and snap back but that results in everyone and everything feeling bad and the situation will just become worse. It has happened to me more times than I care to remember and because of my experiences, I learned a different, more loving and peaceful solution. 

The glaring truth is, most times, the person doing the criticizing is the one who is having a hard time. Very rarely does their negative talk and behavior towards you have anything to do with you. Most likely, they are feeling unhappy, or stressed, scared, insecure or frustrated...about something going on within their life and they just don't know how to express it or how to deal with it; so instead, they pick on you. It really is a cry for help. 

Next time it happens choose not to take it personally and turn it all around. Make eye contact and with a genuine tone, and from a loving place, say something like, "I'm sorry if you are upset or unhappy about something. I'm here if you want to talk about it and I would love to help you find a solution and help you through whatever it is you are feeling." It will disarm them...or not; but at least you are opening your heart and offering them a more positive pathway of communication. At first, they may be surprised by your response and may not know what to say. That is fine. Another valuable lesson I have learned is that silence is beautiful and it gives everyone a chance to process what has just happened. 

So if it happens that someone makes fun of you for eating yogurt with protein powder, or eating out of a tupperware container, or can't understand why you are going to the gym again “because you are obsessed”…instead of showing your them your heart. ~Liza xox

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