I remember when I first decided I wanted to compete in the fitness category of physique shows... I always loved to dance and I was so impressed watching the women perform their fitness routines..the power, the strength, the flexibility, the costumes and the entertainment value in a short jammed packed 2 minutes. It just WoW'ed me. So I made the decision I was going to kick it up a notch and train to enter the fitness category. Sounded great until I realized I couldn't do any of the mandatory moves...

Hell all I could do was dance, smile and have fun on stage LOL. I was 32 years young, my daughter was 1 and my son was 3. I had not done a split since high school... I had just started doing 'real' pushups and now I had to be strong enough to do ONE ARM pushups, straddle jumps, splits, pike holds and on and on. I was determined and committed to just start. I spent more time stretching, I practiced the required strength moves on a daily basis and there were days I thought I was out of my mind and self doubt would creep in... I was tired, sore, frustrated, and a mom of two babies.. enough said. Butt, I didn't quit.

Every week I gained a bit more flexibility and more strength. Each small success breathed more motivation and more fire within me. It took me one year to achieve the moves and still they were not perfect, butt it was progress. I only got better with every passing month and year, yes years. Eventually I earned my Pro Card in Fitness and it was one of my biggest personal accomplishments, I was 36 years young. Success wasn't getting first place at one show... it was steady progress, no matter if I won a show or didn't, I was successful.

Success is a mindset. No one can give it to you, its a gift you give to yourself.. what you are working towards is a mute point, what's most important is you keep moving forward at your own pace. Success is steady progress. ~Liza xox

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