Someone asked me last night if I was bold enough to post a photo of myself after waking up with no make-up, no filter...
I said, 'no prob.' Here you go.
This person asked, "since you post a lot of modeling photos or photos going 'out'.. are you comfortable in just in your 'own' skin."
Women like me who choose to stay in shape, who are models, who wear make-up, and who like to be fashion-y get criticized just as much as those who don't. See friends, whether you wear make-up or not, wear a little or a lot.. it's your choice or personal preference. Not everyone who wears make-up is trying to 'hide' something and then some might be. Some have flawless skin and some of us don't. Before I had my babies I did have flawless skin.. now I have freckles, pigment spots and several wrinkles..for me it signifies life and those 'flaws' are gifts that I'm grateful for. Soulful human existence.
Wearing make-up or not doesn't define who we are ladies. Most days I only wear mascara and eyeliner, if I'm going out I may wear more... if I want to get glam-ed up, I wear MORE. It's fun to switch up my looks and it's an opportunity to be creative. I do it for myself.
Same goes with fashion and clothes. Most days I'm in workout clothes butt when I go out, I love to have fun with fashion and trends. Again it doesn't define who we are, it just shows a facet of our personality.
Staying in fit shape doesn't even need an explanation.. everyone should choose to do that, our body is where we live. I choose to take the best care of myself, from the inside out because it makes my life better. Period. The aesthetics, is a wonderful consequence.
So yes, I am bold.. about sharing who I am not just aesthetically, instead...I am bold about sharing who I am from the inside out. Just Be-YOU-tiful. ~Liza xox
P.S. I understand the curiosity especially with social media being prevalent in every day life.. There are those who feel that we only share our 'highlight reel' and want to know more than just what some people put out there publicly... I wasn't offended at all with the question and instead saw the opportunity to share my personal perspective.

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