A sea of women and my smile...truly symbolic of my purpose.

I'm in my fifth year of coordinating and hosting women empowerment events. Maybe its the backlash I've received from women over the years through my personal journey of evolving and becoming healthier both physically and emotionally... the whispers behind my back, and the judgement some have passed that has motivated me to cultivate a circle of support of women by women; all in hopes of women lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. At the end of the day, or when I'm no longer around for whatever reason, what I've woven in the lives of others...will be. We all possess this life enriching power, if we choose to use it.

Women are extraordinary. We have been blessed with the ability to create life and nurture. We are compassionate and we are strong. We possess the courage to heal and the tenacity to thrive. We are emotional but will not be emotional pawns. We are unique, we have our own shape and path. We can inspire and create hope. We just have to BE ... and unapologetically so.

Illumination Woman Weekend retreat was a collaboration with my awe-inspiring, brilliant and beautiful friend Mindi Slavin Fetterman. This was our first weekend retreat for women and it was convincingly clear we must do it again...and again. When women from all walks of life, from across the USA, come together for the 'soul' purpose of lifting each other up.. and empowering one another, a phenomenon occurs. It’s special. It’s something I fail miserably at when trying to put into words or explain. You just have to be there.

For now and until next time, I invite you to feel a glimpse of our Illumination Woman retreat by viewing our heartwarming memories in our photo gallery. Click this link > Photo Gallery

Thank you to all of our beautiful guests, our generous sponsors, our vendors and everyone who supported and encouraged Mindi and I along the way. This was more validation I'm living my passion and purpose. ~ Liza xoxox

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