Murves .. muscle balanced with curves.
Lots of stress in my world lately.. I'm heavy hearted. I haven't been in the mood to train the last month really butt I know better. I know when I'm stressed mentally, it's exactly when I need to train. I wouldn't be able to manage as much as I do if I didn't train on the regular. It helps me relieve stress, helps me think clearly so I can focus on making decisions and so I can be present and be strong for those who depend on me. My workouts aren't just for me, they impact everyone I come in contact with. It's a trickle down effect. So although I've been forcing the workouts lately, at least they are getting done and I realize this too shall pass. The day will come when I'm enthusiastic about training again. I don't stop just because I'm not in the mood. Not always will I be motivated.. I just choose to do it. It's a lifestyle, not a past time. Training is my therapy. 
I practice what I teach. ~Liza xox

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