Don’t be scared to start again.
It’s your chance to create what you really want, and need, in the now.
Just because something worked well in the past doesn’t mean it will always work. When I look back on my life from my early twenties to now, I can say that I have been at least four different versions of myself, if not more. The deer in headlights, who I was before I was married, the young woman who got married, the woman who became a mother and the woman who I am now…the one I found again apart from all of the ‘roles’ I’ve played.
Every stage brought about change. Some years I felt great, some I felt lost, some I felt confident and in some, I was completely insecure. We cannot expect that how we have been in the past is how we should be now, and it would benefit us if we weren’t relying on the same thought processes, the same emotions or the same routines we once had.
In the past decade I've learned to control less and witness more, I’ve transitioned out of the fitness competing arena and into being more focused on building my business. I’ve released the need for approval and instead, give myself permission. I’ve grown. I’ve evolved. Mind, body and spirit.
Being able to create your happy self for the long haul, is about getting in tune with what you need in the NOW, this moment; this phase; both emotionally and physically. Quiet the noise and listen. Are you in tune? ~Liza xox

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