Eat. My 4 Week Online Personalized Plan to focus solely on your nutrition. 

Sometimes its better to focus on perfecting one aspect of your health at a time. Its less overwhelming and can be exactly what finally makes the difference in helping you achieve your lifestyle goals. 

With my Eat. program we will work together to devise a nutrition plan that fits your unique lifestyle. The choices and portions of food will support your goals, your daily energy needs including the social aspect.

Highlights of Eat:

~Detailed Menus
~Food Prep Suggestions
~Tips on Eating Out
~Finding a healthy balance with Social Gatherings
~Daily Accountability Goals
...and more!

After 4 weeks you will feel confident in your healthy eating habits, more energetic, and leaner. 

Eat. is a personalized plan so we start as soon as you are ready to commit. Once you commit, I will email you a brief questionnaire for you to complete and email back to me. After I receive your answers, I will deliver your personalized plan within 3 days via email. We then set up a phone meeting to discuss goals in details and begin! You will receive daily motivation, support and accountabiilty correspondence from me. We will evaluate and make changes to plan as necessary on a weekly basis. 

Eat. $199 an investment in your health and lifestyle. 

Click here to purchase now! 

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