Kiss My Abs is an intense 6 Week Fitness and Nutrition Plan that is completely ONLINE, so where you live does not matter. 

This is NOT for beginners. You must be intermediate fitness level or above. (if you are not sure This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

We start Monday, January 15 and end February 25! 

This is not a contest. This is pushing you to the next level. Kiss My Abs!

The Workouts. Workouts will be daily, and 2-a-days several times per week, with ONE complete rest day each week. 2-a-days are when you do 2 workouts in one day. We will be doing this up to 4 days per week as the program progresses, with one of the workouts being much shorter, fast and furious ;). I will send short video clips when I feel its necessary, it might not be every day. The Workouts will consists of strength training, calisthenics, and body weight resistance. The Workouts can be done at home or gym. I will give names of gym equipment to use if you are training in the gym. There will be no video clips in the gym for demo so you must know how to use your gym equipment. If you are training at home, you will need: 2 sets of dumbbells one lighter, one heavier. A sturdy bench or chair to use for dips and step ups. A stability ball. A jump rope. A mat. A timer, which you can choose to download an app on your phone. We will do 2 weeks of the same workout plan before I change it for the following 2 weeks. Kiss My Abs!

The Nutrition. 

Nutrition for this 6 weeks will be squeaky clean, to support training and daily living. Food will not be a hobby, it will be for your performance and health. It will be whole foods, fruits and vegetables. Gluten free and dairy free will not be a problem. You will have plenty of calories, nutritious calories. The nutrition will stay the same for the 6 weeks so you receive one nutrition plan on week 1 that you will follow the entire time. There will be choices for each meal. There will be choices for pre and post workout meals. I will give recommendations on supplements. There will be a boost meal each week. There will be limited recipes. I will teach you how to meal prep. This plan is not like my 21 day programs. This plan pushes you into a different zone. Kiss My Abs!

There will be NO alcohol. There will be no whining or wine-ing ;). Kiss My Abs!

Support. As ALWAYS I will be coaching you every day via online and be here to answer questions and for support. I'm in the game as well, so I don't want to hear complaining or excuses. This 6 weeks is meant to be for the hardcore and to push you to your next level. I will start a private Facebook group page for added support. 

After our 6 weeks is up, I will help transition you into your year-round fitness and nutrition plan; or you can repeat the 6 weeks one more time then transition. This 6 week plan is not meant to do year-round. It is for short term only to get you to the next level. So you can use this plan different times of the year when you want to pull it in tighter. Kiss My Abs!

Kiss My Abs! Lets Go! Who's in? 

The investment is $129, and you can use it for years to come when you need to pull it in tighter! 

Click HERE to join me for Kiss My Abs!

Questions? Email me, Liza: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Coaching services reserved for women only. 

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