I'm Bringing Sexy Back! 

Because every women deserves to feel sexy from the inside out! 

My beautiful Queens, sexy is a mindset. YOU create that feeling when you feel your best.. its about taking your power back and feeling on top of your game. You do this by feeding yourself well, exercising, making positive mindset shifts, getting organized, and making your self a priority so you can feel your best and give your best to others! 

My 21 Day programs have helped hundreds of women unleash the sexy, powerful, confident woman that they ARE...by laying down a solid foundation of healthy lifestyle habits! 

First you form your habits, then they form you...literally!

It takes 21 days to form a habit. 

Bringing Sexy Back program begins February 5!  Perfect timing since February is the month of 'love', show yourself SELF LOVE!

My 21 Day program is designed to help you lose fat, lose depressed feelings, GAIN confidence, TAKE your power back, BRING your sexy back. These 21 days will guide you through the waves of temptation, frustration and through the challenges that women face daily...in a healthy and empowering way! 

Highlights of our 21 day Challenge:

  • *21 days of detailed fat burning workouts modified for every fitness level and for gym OR home.
  • *21 days of detailed menus, recipes, grocery shopping guidance, food prep, storage suggestions and food exchange list.
  • *21 days of support, motivation, and accountability on our private Facebook Page.
  • *Daily instructional video clips to show proper form of exercises and you will feel as if I am right there with you!
  • *Discussions on self love, self awareness, mindset shifts and more!  

All this for ONLY a $99 investment! Results will be priceless long after the 21 days!

What’s more? You have the chance to win the challenge and win a $150 gift card for a NEW SEXY outfit for your NEW SEXY self. 

Nothing to lose...except bad habits, bad feelings and fat! 

How do I pick the winner? After you purchase the 21 day plan, you must send in before photos wearing a sports bra and small shorts, posing front, side and back. Photos must be submitted to me no later than Sunday, February 4,  2018. You must hold current day news (even from your phone screen) in photo. Then on Monday, February 26, your ‘after’ 21 day program photo must be submitted, again holding current day news. I suggest wearing the same or similar outfit in both sets of photos. The woman with the most notable change will win! I will announce the Sexy winner on Monday, March 5! 

But really...EVERYONE will be a winner...kick off SPRINGtime ...feeling feeling sexy, confident, healthy and fit! 

**The winner’s before and after photos will be published so keep that in mind. You get to be the inspiration too! 

The Process:

*You will receive your Week 1 Nutrition plan on Saturday, February 3, via email and we ALL start together on Monday, February 5! 

*Workout 1 will arrive in your inbox on Sunday, Feb 4 for you to review prior to Day 1 and with video clip that demonstrates proper form and modifications for all fitness levels.

*I will be in touch daily coaching you every step of the way!

This is a team effort and I will encourage you to be active on our private Facebook page sharing your experience as frequent as you like, discussing the workouts, asking questions and supporting one another. However you do NOT have to be on Facebook, I will still be available to you. 

For only $99, you will receive a plan that has the power to change your life...for the better. 

Join my 21 day program and establish healthy habits that will create and promote a lifestyle full of energy, vitality and empowerment. 

It’s easy on the wallet while being nourishing and nurturing for the body, mind and spirit! 

The 21 Day Online Program is open to all women ages 18 and up AND from anywhere in the world!  

Invite your friends and family to join you too! 

Only $99 and these 3 weeks will lay down a solid foundation of your new healthy LIFEstyle!

Secure your spot now! 

Click HERE to Bring Your Sexy Back!

 For questions email Liza at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Coaching services reserved for women only. 


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