March is a pivotal month that has the power to set the tone for the remainder of the year. 

The hype of the 'new year' is over and motivation can start to wane.  

It's time for a Spring Fling! Get back in touch with your self! 

Spring Fling is a 4 week program that will help you reconnect with everything that makes you feel good from the inside out. 

Absolutely it will include:

*a detailed nutrition plan in line with healthy eating habits that have no end date

*structured workouts and video demonstration to accommodate all fitness levels... 

**Most importantly, Spring Fling will include SELF LOVE COACHING.. a weekly discussion topic to enhance emotional well being. Emotional health is unfortunately and often times ignored when in fact it should be a high priority when achieving overall wellness. 

Weekly Topics will include: 

Week 1: Get In Tune.  Just because something worked in the past doesn't mean it will work forever. Learn to embrace change as you move through new phases of life. Learn what daily thoughts and habits need to change so you feel fulfilled, purposeful and productive.  

Week 2: Communicate more effectively. By switching this one word when you communicate with your loved ones, your friends, your co-workers, your boss, even your children... you will get your message across more effectively while decreasing confrontation, bad feelings and conserving your much needed energy. 

Week 3: Be Fueled by Positivity.  Where does your motivation come from? Are you out for revenge or trying to prove yourself? Are you putting effort into quieting the nay sayers? Learn a healthier way to stay motivated and connected to your purpose. 

Week 4: Easier DONE than said. Learn how to BE about it instead of talking, dreaming and thinking about it. Learn how to put your thoughts into action. 

Spring Fling will offer daily coaching, motivation and accountability for your overall wellness. 

Renew your mind, body and spirit. 

This is an ONLINE PROGRAM so where you live does NOT matter! Join me! 

Grab any woman you care about and do it together! 

Spring Fling begins on Monday, March 19 and ends April 15. 

Investment is $109 

Click HERE to secure your spot!

Questions? Email Liza Hughes

The way this works: 
Once you commit and make the investment, you will receive a 'welcome email'. 

On Saturday March 17, you will receive Detailed Menu, recipes and instructions to prepare before Day 1 start date. 

On Sunday March 18, you will receive Workout 1 with video clip demonstration with modifications for all fitness levels. 

On Monday March 19, we begin together! You will be added to my private Facebook group "Our Queendom" for a wonderful community of support, motivation, life hacks, and more! 

On Wednesday March 21, our first Self Love Coaching topic will begin and will include action worksheet and private email 

...and I will be by your side for the 4 weeks coaching you to get back in touch with your self! 

~Liza xox

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