It doesn’t matter how good your plan is...what matters most is what you do when your plan goes to sh!t.

Meet my beautiful, strong and fit client, and friend, Melissa. Above all of that, she is now a NEW MOM! Her bundle of joy is not even 12 weeks old yet and Melissa is already back to her pre-pregnancy fit self. She is finding out though, this post pregnancy self feels a bit different even if she looks just as incredible. Since I’ve been coaching Melissa for the past few years, I’ve never had to be on her to give her best effort, it’s actually the opposite; I’ve had to slow her down at times. Melissa is a perfectionist and like many women, wants to go harder and longer to achieve results faster. The reality is, there will be times when our body cannot keep up with our mental picture.

Although the reasons are valid, it’s hard not to feel frustrated and defeated. This happens to even the fittest of  athletes and its exactly when the Coach has to step in and say, time to slow down or change the plan altogether.

Melissa’s new challenges include being sleep deprived and having a little miracle attached to her almost every minute of every day...both of which can derail the most perfect laid out plan. Some days Melissa feels great and on top of the world, while others she feels frustrated and down. This is very normal for any of us, and most certainly for a new mom. What Melissa is learning is instead allowing herself to spiral out of control when the day starts to, she focuses on what she can do. She can stay on her healthy nutrition plan, she can do 10 minutes of exercise instead of 45 minutes, and she can sleep instead of beating herself up. Each week can present a new challenge and the key to staying healthy both physically and emotionally, is to be open to a quick change of plan without throwing in the towel altogether and to trust the process.

So again, it doesn’t matter how good your plan is...what matters most is what you do when your plan goes to sh!t. Anyone can hand you a perfect plan, even for ‘free’, but coaching you to live it is where the value comes in. Thank you Melissa for making my effort so worthwhile. Witnessing you navigate successfully through daily obstacles and sharing your journey, is my reward. Keep it up fit mama, you are an excellent role model for Melanie and inspiring women everywhere by your example. It’s less about being perfect and more about being smart. <3 Liza xoxo

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