“The experiences I have gone through in my past have left me empty and lost for answers as to where my life is going, but since I began working with you I have found that I have what it takes to offer others like myself, hope. I have learned that the journey to self discovery is not a chore you put on your To Do List. It is your every day, your every moment…live it, breathe it, learn from it, and listen to your inner self and you will find your way. I have made a huge decision today that I am both excited and scared to death about. I enrolled back in college! So I am beginning the process of getting my bachelors degree in business management and entrepreneurial-ship. I moving forward with my dream of owning my own fitness and wellness center! My family is so supportive and my sister even wants in on the dream. Thanks for what you do and for who you are. I feel very blessed to have you in my life and your inspiration has made a difference in my life! I believe there are no accidents and that God sent me your Facebook page for a reason!” 

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